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Welcome to St. Stephen’s Anglican Parish Blog for Sunday, 22 November.    There are so many bazaars, bake sales, bottle drives, and farmer’s markets happening from now until the Christmas festivities begin – so much work, planning and effort go into these events.  If you get a chance to support any of these wonderful gatherings, please do.... the organisers (and recipients of the proceeds) will be hugely grateful and you will know that you have done something good and worthwhile by just turning up!
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22 November, 2015
The Reign of Christ
Twenty-Sixth Sunday after Pentecost
       8:45 am        St. George’s, East River     -   Holy Communion
      11:00 am        St. Stephen’s, Chester      -   Holy Eucharist     
    Readings: 2 Samuel 23: 1-7; Psalm 132: 1-13; Revelations 1: 4b-8;
John 18: 33-37
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WATER BOTTLES NEEDED - The Pastoral Committee is still looking for empty 500ml  water bottles (with the screw tops) which will be used to collect donations.  Bottles can be dropped off at the Parish Centre.
*** *REFUGEE SUPPORT MEETINGS - A public information session will take place at 7:00 pm, Mon, 23 November in Tuck Hall. All welcome.  *  ***
CHRISTMAS 2015 PLUM PUDDING SALE - Available now at the Parish Centre!   Small - $9 Large - $18.  For pick-up and  information please call St. Stephen’s Parish Office at 902-275-3804.
MONTESSORI DEMENTIA TREATMENT METHOD - there will be an information session held in the Shoreham Village OT Room at 10:00-11:00 am on Wed, 25 November.  All welcome!
PRAYER BREAKFAST - At 9:00 am, 28 November  in Tuck Hall, St. Stephen’s Parish Centre.  All welcome!
MISSION TO SEAFARERS ANNUAL SHOEBOX CAMPAIGN - The Mission ensures that each and every seafarer (male and female) visiting the port of Halifax in December receives a shoebox gift.  Last year 1800 were delivered. These visitors are far from home, have limited or no funds and are often without the most basic of needs.  Shoebox items can include: hat, scarf, gloves or mitts, socks, wrapped hard candy (no chocolate), soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, shaving foam, razors, deodorant, lip balm, playing cards, memento of Nova Scotia or Canada.  A few empty boxes are available in the church vestibule if you do not have one.  The Dollar Store has boxes. Please do not wrap the boxes as they must all be checked prior to delivery.  Please bring filled boxes to the church before 1 December, when delivery begins.
ST. GEORGE’S LOBSTER SUPPER OR TURKEY SALAD PLATE & BOTTLE DRIVE - at 4:00 - 6:30 pm, Sunday, 13 Dec at the East River Union Hall.  Dine in, take out, deliveries (within 10km).  Supper tickets to be PRE-ORDERED by 12 Dec.  For tickets or information call: Sheila Hirtle at 902-275-5720, Vicky Young 902-275-4219, Eugene/Grace Cooke 902-857-3585 or at Double Take Hair Salon (6 Pig Loop Road), Chester 902-275-5966.
Recyclable Bottle Drive from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm, please drop bottles off at the Union Hall.  There will also be a large bake table with lots of Christmas.  Come and enjoy some Christmas Spirit - your support for any of these activities will be greatly appreciated.
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MUSICAL FRIENDS - (Vintage Voices, Band, Musical FrTuneful Tots, etc) on Mon, 23 Nov, from 1:00 - 4:30 pm
BIBLE TALK -  on Wed, 25 Nov, from 10:30 - 12:00 pm in the Tyler Grant Room.  All Welcome!
CHOIR PRACTICE - Thurs, 26 Nov, 7:00 pm in Tuck Hall.
PRAYER BREAKFAST - on Sat, 28 Nov, at 9:00 am in Tuck Hall.  All welcome!
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29 November, 2015
The First Sunday of Advent
       8:00 am        St. Stephen’s, Chester      -   Holy Communion
       9:00 am        St. George’s, East River  -   Holy Eucharist    
                    11:00 am        St. Stephen’s, Chester      -   Advent Lessons & Carols
        4:30 pm       All Saints’, Canaan           -   Holy Communion
    Readings: Jeremiah 33: 14-16; Psalm 25: 1-10;  Thessalonians 3: 9-13;
Luke 21: 25-36
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    O Faithful God, as your people, we cherish our memories and our history as a sacred gift. We ask you to guide us in our time of transition. Bless and direct the parochial committee as it carries out the work of finding a new rector, that through your Holy Spirit they may make wise decisions on behalf of the parish. Lead all parishioners in Your wisdom, that we might be receptive to change and growth. Give us Your grace to redirect our hearts that we may be willing to offer ourselves in joyful service. Do not allow fear, ignorance or pride to limit the work of your Spirit, nor allow tradition to prevent the creativity within us from bearing fruit. Open our hearts to the call of the Gospel. Give us courage and renewed hope, that we may meet the challenge of being the church of our time. We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.
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Chester and Area Ministerial
Grocery Delivery Project
The Ministerial group (ministers from all area churches) are asking for expressions of interest in a project that would provide home delivery of pre-ordered groceries to persons who for whom getting groceries is difficult (disabled, seniors, those without cars, and so on).
Here’s how it works:
Recipients make arrangements with local grocery stores (they have already agreed to the project) to order groceries once a week by phone or online.  The grocery store packs the groceries and has boxes ready for delivery on a specific day and time.
Then –
Volunteer Drivers pick up the boxes at the store at the specified time and drive with the groceries to the home of the recipient.  If payment has not been pre-arranged, the driver would be responsible for collecting the payment and returning to the store.
The stores do the paperwork and make sure customers are not ordering from more than one store. 
It is expected that there would be sufficient volunteers that the deliveries would hopefully be on a  monthly rotation.
Rev. Tory will ask for a show of hands of who might be interested in participating in this service to our community at the end of the service.

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December 6, 4-6pm, at the East River Community Hall.
Messy Church is unlike any church you’ve ever known: 
active, fun, exploring by doing,
concluding with a meal

Special contest:  How many differences between
the picture of St. Nick and Santa Claus?  
(Pick a copy up from the 
Parish Office)
Write down all the differences you can spot and
bring them to Messy Church
to win a prize.

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